Facing Litigation For Breach Of Contract?

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When a business partner or associate breaches a contract that was originally agreed upon, litigation often breaks out. Our firm, Cohen Law, can provide counsel regarding the laws surrounding your breach of contract claim and expedite your case to reach your desired end result. While breaches of contract may sound very serious, many of these cases can be settled amicably. Often enough, friction between the parties arises because one side misinterprets the wording of the contracts.

On the other hand, if you are being accused of breaching a contract, it is imperative that you reach out to us at Cohen Law to get the steadfast representation you need today. You want to make sure that any wrong or misguided allegations made against you are cleared and settled as soon as possible.

First-Rate Representation for Contract Disputes

Battling over the wording of contracts can be exhausting and frustrating. Rely on us to help resolve your case and secure a favorable outcome. If you are being accused of being in the wrong, having a trusted attorney working on your behalf is more crucial than ever.

We can handle any breach of contract claims, including those involving:

  • Contracts between shareholders and partnerships
  • Construction contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Premises liability disputes
  • Commercial transactions
  • Contracts for the sale of goods or services

To have a successful claim, it must be proven that the contract was valid and set in place, identify the breach that occurred, demonstrate the damages suffered as a result. If you believe that your case meets these requirements, call Cohen Law for immediate counsel and support.

Why hire Cohen Law?

As Miami commercial litigation attorneys, our motto is: “Your success is our business.” We believe that when you hire us, our contributions to your case can have a positive impact on the end result. Whatever outcome you are seeking, you can rely on our firm to pursue it wholeheartedly. Contract disputes can be complex cases involving confusing legal jargon and contract clauses, which is why so many disputes arise in the first place.

By calling on our firm, you can get the trusted counsel and insight you need to navigate through your contract dispute case. If matters cannot be resolved in a timely or peaceful manner, we are not afraid to take the next step in litigation for you.

When you are ready to get started, contact Cohen Law today! Your free case evaluation awaits.


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