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If you owe a high amount of debt, it is important that you understand your situation. It takes a long time for companies to decide to go after those individuals that owe debt, however, that does not mean that they won’t take any action against you. They can employ collection agencies and debt collection litigators, who use ruthless intimidation and harassment to get payment.

If you are being harassed or sued for unpaid debt, the best move you can make is hire an experienced legal advocate who knows how to handle your case. Our Miami lawyers are ready to use their insight and expertise help you fight the threats of debt collectors and agencies. I firmly protect the rights of my clients, even the face of overwhelming debts. I am devoted to providing superb, one-on-one attention to each client and can work to resolve your case in a favorable manner.

Debt collectors violated your rights?

It is important that you understand that debt collectors must act within the limits of the law. Even if they employ tough litigation teams, that does not make them above the law. In fact, if they acted illegally, such as using misleading contract language, threatening you if you do not sign documents, or violating your rights in any other way, you may be able to respond with legal action against them.

Under the Fair Debt Collections Act, you have certain protections and rights, including:

  • Protection against any threats, abusive language, or extreme amounts of calls
  • The right to sue a debt collector if they violated your rights
  • Protection from having your debt disclosed to those who have no right to know
  • Protecting from being contacted at unreasonable times, such as early morning or night
  • Ability to seek actual proof of debts owed to collectors

As Miami unpaid debt attorneys, we can help you identify any violations a collection agency committed and inform you of how to respond. You can use this as evidence for filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). FTC regulates the actions of businesses to make sure that they are acting within the boundaries of the law. If you are seeking to resolve your debt, we can also provide guidance on negotiating with creditors and creating favorable repayment plans.

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In many cases, unpaid debt is a problem that can is out of a debtor’s control. That is why you need to protect yourself and your name by getting in touch with our firm, Cohen Law, as soon as possible. We are ready to provide the representation, counsel, and guidance you need to navigate this time. You are not in this battle alone! Let our firm provide high quality legal service for your case.

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